Trends In Plywood Manufacturing

The wood industry, and plywood in particular, has experienced a series of ups and downs over the last few years.

With new regulations and changes to antidumping duties, some plywood companies are looking to the future with apprehension as new rules and fees can cause them to lose employees and hurt their business overall. Fortunately, the interest in wood design in the general public is increasing as new technology that enables manufacturers to create intricate pieces that are both functional and beautiful. In fact, forecasters predict that 2017 could easily surpass the expectations of the modest level of growth that’s been the norm for the last several years.

One major factor that’s increasing interest in the world of wood is interior design and Millennials.

As a whole Millennials love using natural materials and textures like stone and wood. They also want to create spaces that are inviting and comfortable. Perhaps growing up in a world of fluorescent lights and white tile floors have driven them to seek more natural options, but it’s great news for the plywood industry. This generation has reignited the desire for glistening wood floors and wooden wall paneling. And while they tend to pick lighter-colored wood products, they are creating a demand that can potentially drive profits for plywood manufacturers and distributors.

Another reason Millennials like using wood in their homes is because it can make a space feel more open and is more cost-effective than using materials like marble or stone.

There’s also an attraction to wood products that look to be hand crafted. By using 3D laser cutters, these customers can decide if they’d like something that seems polished or if they’d prefer a more rustic look. Either way, by offering these customizable options, Millennials feel like they’re in control and don’t have to settle for what’s on the shelf at their local hardware store. Instead, they can create a home that’s made for them – and if we know anything about Millennials, it’s that they like to bring their personalities to every aspect of their lives, including their interior design.

They say Millennials are killing a variety of industries, but for plywood manufacturers and distributors, the resurgence brought on by this generation is a godsend.

Now, instead of preparing for a modest year, they can look forward to a bright future where wood products are valued as a material that’s natural, breathable, and easily customizable.

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