Lacey Act

At USPly, we understand the importance of properly sourcing our lumber imports to reduce our effect on the environment and stop illegal wood from entering the global wood market. And with legislation like the Lacey Act providing updated amendments and guidelines, the United States government is setting new standards for lumber plywood imports. Created in […]

Changing the Plywood Market with Integrity

When you’re searching for lumber distributors, you’ll notice that many companies will tell you that their products are the best, without any way to back up that claim. At USply, we take a different approach. With a rigorous quality assurance program, we do our best to ensure quality and consistency with every bundle we sell. […]

New EPA Rule To Implement The Formaldehyde Standards For Composite Wood Products

The Environmental Protection Agency has established a new rule when it comes to formaldehyde standards for composite woods and plywood. It’s designed to reduce exposure from formaldehyde vapors in composite wood products produced within the United States or imported from another country. Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring organic compound and is an important precursor to […]

Environmental Sustainability

At USPly, we use a lot of lumber to supply our customers with top quality Plywood for flooring, cabinets, furniture, decorating, and more. We also hold ourselves accountable for the resources we use by creating initiatives that give back to the environment and by closely following EPA rules and regulations. In order to keep our […]

The Master Plywood Distributor

When you’re looking for a reliable wood importer that has a reputation for excellence, you should look into USply. Since 2006, we’ve worked to establish ourselves as a premier lumber supplier and have invested in a quality assurance program that puts us a step ahead of the competition. At USply, we see the big picture […]

USply’s Core Values

At USply, we see ourselves as more than plywood distributors. We’re innovative partners who can help businesses grow, eco-friendly industry leaders, and responsible community members. At the center of our business are our five imperatives: quality, service, integrity, value, and consistency. These qualities guide our ideals and relationships and have led us to create our […]

Types of plywood – How Does MDF Fit Into The Wood Market

If you’re updating your house, you may be looking for alternative types of plywood to complete your projects. Or, if you’re a distributer, you may be interested in expanding the products you offer to better serve your customers. Either way, Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an inexpensive and durable option that can provide many benefits when […]

USply Plywood Distributors – How Does Melamine Fit Into The Wood Market

When it comes to endless possibilities for decorative surfaces, melamine is a top contender. This laminate is popular in different types of furniture and is extremely useful to plywood distributors looking to expand the customizable options they offer. Melamine is a type of hard resin that’s commonly used as an overlay on building materials like […]

Plywood sheets – How Does Russian Birch Fit Into The Plywood Market

When consistency is key, there’s no wood out there quite like Russian Birch. It’s virtually free of irregularities and manufactured to ensure that all of the plywood sheets have extreme durability, great strength, and are visually appealing. Russian Birch, also known as Baltic Birch, is the wood of choice for many carpenters, furniture makers, and […]

Lumber Importers: The Different Areas Of The World Where It Is Sourced

Just as there are different types of trees all around the world, there are also several types of plywood that come from various places across the globe. At USply, we source our materials from the highest-quality lumber importers and exporters so we can provide the best clients to our customers and distributors while, at the […]

Trends In Plywood Manufacturing

The wood industry, and plywood in particular, has experienced a series of ups and downs over the last few years. With new regulations and changes to antidumping duties, some plywood companies are looking to the future with apprehension as new rules and fees can cause them to lose employees and hurt their business overall. Fortunately, […]

Creating efficiencies in the wood markets

The wood industry is fascinating. The process of turning a tree into plywood and using that to create marvelous looking floors, cabinets, walls, and doors takes years but is well worth the wait. But as plywood becomes increasingly popular for home design, the price can also increase. To not only stop this from happening but […]

Technology – Wholesale Plywood In The 21st Century

They say, “Technology drives innovation.” When people hear this, they often think of modern medicine, the online world, and revolutionary ideas like traveling to Mars. Far less often do people consider the wood industry, but technology has influenced every business on the globe, and wholesale plywood is no exception. Gone are the days of lumberjacks […]

Sourcing Of Plywood

The plywood industry works hard to maintain high standards, and at USply, we’re even more strict when it comes to the quality of the wood we acquire. The sourcing process is complex, with many steps and people involved along the way, but it helps us ensure that our customers can use every piece of plywood […]

Conservation Education And The Plywood Industry

Conservation education is one of the most important ways to help students and volunteers understand how vital the work of environmental conservation is to the future of our planet. And while you may not realize it, the global plywood industry is helping to lead the way in conservation education. At USply, we hold ourselves accountable […]

Water Quality And Lumber Importers

Water, water everywhere… or is it? As societies have spread across the globe, we’ve used natural resources like water to help us create our modern civilizations. But what does this have to do with lumber importers? More than you may know. By cutting down trees and harvesting lumber, the wood industry has a huge effect […]

How Wholesale Plywood Can Improve Air Quality

The world of wholesale plywood is generally thought to have negative effects on the environment. After all, this industry cuts down trees and transforms them into commercially viable products. But one thing many people don’t know is the efforts that plywood distributors take to lessen their negative effects and create a positive impact on the […]

How Plywood Distributors Are Affecting Climate Change

When you think about how the wood industry and plywood distributors are affecting climate change, you probably imagine the worst. After all, this line of work involves cutting down trees, which has been shown to increase greenhouse gas emissions. But did you know that there are actually more trees in the United States now than […]

FSC Certification And Lumber Importers

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization that was established in 1993. They set standards for forest products along with certifying and labeling products as eco-friendly. These standards are important for lumber importers and help sustain the global wood market. According to their website, “The Forest Stewardship Council mission is to promote […]

Types of Plywood – Hardwood VS Softwood

There are many types of plywood in the world, and they’re made from a variety of wood sources. Some are hardwoods like maple and oak while others are softwoods like cedar and pine. By why would you want to use a different type of wood and what’s the difference between hardwood and softwood anyway? Most people […]

AAHP: DOC’s Increase in Plywood Antidumping Duties

Washington, DC – The American Alliance for Hardwood Plywood (AAHP) reacted with shock today when the Department of Commerce (“DOC”) announced its final antidumping and countervailing duty rates after a considerable delay.  The rates were scheduled to be announced on November 7 but were instead kept secret during President Trump’s visit with Chinese President Xi, […]

Lay-up panels and cabinet-grade plywood

When you’re redoing your kitchen or bathroom, you many have a vision in your mind of white countertops, sparkling floors or wooden cabinets. Perhaps you want something a little more fancy – like a special design or a bright color. With lay-up panels, the sky’s the limit! This technique is used to create liners, melamine […]

Different types of glue used to make plywood sheets and other wood products

When it comes to making plywood sheets, there are many different types of glue that can be used, including Urea Formaldehyde, Melamine, and Phenolic glue. This leads many people to wonder, “why don’t they use the same kind of glue for everything?” Actually, while one type of glue may be right for some plywood products, […]

Who buys plywood?

Plywood is one of the most useful natural resources in the world. This $8.4 billion industry is important to many different fields, and the supply is plentiful, thanks in part to environmental efforts to make the wood industry more sustainable. Plywood production and sales are vital to the economy, but where does the world’s supply […]

The origins of wholesale plywood

The wholesale plywood industry has been around for decades. Plywood is a standard building material and can be found through Wholesale Distributors like USply or in local hardware stores. If you look around, you’ll notice that your desk, door, and panels are all made from this amazing material. But when did people start using plywood […]

The different faces of plywood sheets

If you’ve worked with plywood sheets before, you know that not all sides are created equal. Some have a beautiful face with no knots or visible flaws while others aren’t as flawless. To help consumers pick the right piece of plywood for their projects, the plywood industry has created different grades: A, B, C, and […]

How U.S. tariffs and codes affect global plywood imports

Within the United States, there are many codes and laws that relate to the plywood industry. These laws have been put in place to protect our wood market, to create sustainable practices, and to limit our impact on the environment. As the global wood market has become more connected, with wood products being imported from […]

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