Technology – Wholesale Plywood In The 21st Century

They say, “Technology drives innovation.” When people hear this, they often think of modern medicine, the online world, and revolutionary ideas like traveling to Mars.

Far less often do people consider the wood industry, but technology has influenced every business on the globe, and wholesale plywood is no exception.

Gone are the days of lumberjacks felling trees or stripping bark by hand. By modernizing our processes, at USply, we’ve been able to increase our production, create complex woodwork, keep our prices competitive and lessen our impact on the environment.

When it comes to wholesale plywood, the process of turning a tree into a sheet is a time-consuming, complicated process with many steps.

It can also be dangerous to people employed in an industry where cuts and burns were the old norms. However, by investing in high-tech solutions, like bio-based adhesives, nanotechnology, and upgrades to the thermal heating process, and aligning ourselves with partners that do the same, we can help keep woodworkers safer and improve our standards of quality.

Along with the technology being used in the process of creating plywood, we’ve also invested in new solutions on the supply side of the wood industry.

By modernizing our processes and using software to track our plywood, starting from the moment an order is placed with the mills until it reaches our warehouse or our client, we’ve been able to identify and minimize inefficiencies. Not only does this help us save time, which alone saves money, but by using a more advanced system than paper and pen, we can easily see what we have in stock, what we need to reorder, and what special projects we need to be aware of.

Another way technology is being used in the wood industry is on the design side. With 3D wood routers and laser-guided precision saws, we’re able to create masterpieces of wood that just weren’t possible on an industrial scale before. Now, people can enjoy carved wood panels and beautifully adorned cabinets and floors without needing a master wood carver.

Technology has helped shape our culture and allowed us to look at trades, like the wood industry, in a whole new light.

We can now offer more choices when it comes to wholesale plywood that just didn’t exist in the past.

And by investing in new solutions, we’ve made the world of plywood safer to our workers and friendlier to the environment. At the same time, we’ve been able to create more intricate wood pieces and improve our tracking system so that our customers have more choices and can trust that their orders will always be delivered on time.

We know plywood. Let us help you find the right product.

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