Lumber Importers: The Different Areas Of The World Where It Is Sourced

Just as there are different types of trees all around the world, there are also several types of plywood that come from various places across the globe.

At USply, we source our materials from the highest-quality lumber importers and exporters so we can provide the best clients to our customers and distributors while, at the same time, holding ourselves accountable for our environmental impact and to the global wood industry.

There are many countries that supply lumber and plywood to the United States, but with a huge international lumber black market, finding reliable lumber importers that follow all of the necessary protocols can be a challenge. That’s why, at USply, we only work with wood products that come from respectable sources who follow all laws, like the Lacey Act which deals with the illegal trade of plants and wildlife.

At USply, we source our lumber and plywood from many different countries depending on the quality and availability of the various types of wood. We import White Maple, Natural Birch, and Red Oak. In either their raw form or with UV coating, from China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In Chile, we source high-quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Light MDF, Ultralight MDF, and Melamine. And from Russia, we obtain our Russian Birch, also known as Baltic Birch. This particular wood comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses so you can get the right fit depending on your project.

With all of the amazing types of woods from around the world, there’s no reason to limit your home, furniture, or crafts. That’s why, at USply, we’ve established a worldwide network of lumber importers.

By doing this, we can provide a wide variety of options to fit the style of our customers and those of our distributors, but one thing we never forget is our commitment to the environment. This is the reason we’ve joined with the Arbor Day Foundation, a global organization that has planted more than 60 million trees since 1990. By supporting these efforts, combined with our long-term sustainability efforts, we hope to minimize our impact as a wood company.

There are plenty of reasons that lumber importers send wood around the world.

It adds extra options for customers to really customize their homes and projects, and makes the wood market more competitive. But remember, with a global wood black market, it’s important to know that the wood you’re using meets all of the rules and regulations that are required. A good way to ensure your wood is up to par is to purchase it from a reliable company like USply. Our company and our distributors are devoted to providing our clients with the options they want while meeting the highest standards in the wood industry.

We know plywood. Let us help you find the right product.

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