Environmental Sustainability

At USPly, we use a lot of lumber to supply our customers with top quality Plywood for flooring, cabinets, furniture, decorating, and more.

We also hold ourselves accountable for the resources we use by creating initiatives that give back to the environment and by closely following EPA rules and regulations.

In order to keep our planet healthy, we’ve developed plans to limit our environmental impact and maintain long-term sustainability. We also prioritize our relationship with the environment; in fact, we believe it’s as important as fostering good relations between our customers and ourselves.

We believe that we’re, in part, responsible for the global wood industry and want to create a community that prioritizes trees and the impact they have on the world. And that’s the reason that we decided to team up with the National Arbor Day Foundation.

The National Arbor Day Foundation was founded as a nonprofit conservation and education organization in 1972. It’s become the largest nonprofit organization in the world that’s dedicated to planting trees, and since its founding has planted more than 250 million trees.

They work with the U.S. Forest Service to plant trees in national parks across America, and with the National Association of State, Foresters to provide trees in state forests. As a National Arbor Day Foundation Partner, we donate a portion of every sale we make towards planting new trees. In this way, we hope to give back to an environment that has given us so much and preserves parks and forests across the United States and beyond.

Along with our work with the National Arbor Day Foundation, at USPly we also ensure that we’re in compliance with EPA standards, like The Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products Act of 2010.

This bill was introduced to regulate the amount of formaldehyde emissions from products like hardwood, plywood, fiberboard, and particleboard. Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen and can cause a variety of medical problems.

To protect our employees and our customers, we’ve taken steps to make sure our products are safe and compliant with federal regulations.

At USPly, we see the environment as our most important partner. Without a sustainable ecosystem, the global wood industry will fail, and products like hardwood and plywood will become impossible to find.

To avoid such a catastrophe, we’re dedicated to giving back to our planet and protecting the natural resources we use every day. And by maintaining the highest environmental standards and partnering with the National Arbor Day Foundation, we hope to create a brighter future for generations to come.

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